Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Fourth One- Of Photographs and Charmed Work

Ah, another month goes by. Like millions of other people, when I started writing the blog, I decided to update regularly. Then I discovered two things.
a. My life is boring- no wild parties or hot drunk catfights to mention
b.I'm very lazy

Sad but true. I have spent the whole of last month doing work and studying. There have been lots of times I have itched to come onto my blog and bitch about my life, but then nobody is interested in knowing about messed up XS and S size T-shirt orders, right? :)

Early this month, the year-long efforts of hundreds of people at BITS-Goa paid off when QUARK, our Techfest came around. For some strange reason, Quark went off relatively smoothly, with minor glitches. The external crowd seemed to be happy, and it was fun all around. But for some reason, I was feeling empty and blue throughout the festival. I had done a decent amount of work for the festival, and QUARK was everyone's baby, so I was glad when it went well. But everyone, including me, were too busy making it a success to have any fun. Seriously, at some points I felt it was like a proper job, with plenty of job satisfaction, but no fun, and no pay (in some cases negative pay!!).

I hope I feel much better when WAVES, the cultural fest comes around. I'm working for it as well, and won't get to have much fun either, but maybe I will shake a leg at the DJ night. In my pretty bleeeew dress (anyone understood the Jeff Dunham connection?). Coming to Jeff Dunham, please google Achmed, The Dead Terrorist. Please. He will 'keel' you.

Now back to my very happening personal life. I had tests. And now they're over-yaay! That's actually the most interesting thing I could come up with about myself. No wait- there's my new hobby to talk about. I have developed a taste for phtography. It's mainly due to my amazing new Digital Camera, and partly due to and Rasagy Sharma( An extremely talented guy who advertises his blog a lot, I decided to actively start taking photos which were 'artistic' after I saw his post on photography.
Thanks Rashie.

My father is an amazing photographer, and sadly I have not inherited his talent and maybe not his Nikon SLR. So I'm trying to get there, keeping an eye out for great moments and great things to click away. As I click more photographs, I realize how one moment makes all the difference. How one flicker of sunlight, how one smile, can change a picture. Strangely like life, when you lose that one special moment, it's gone forever. That one perfect moment, you either capture it, or it scurries, and disappears into the hurried motions of life.So that's why I choose inanimate objects more than people. There are no moments with them, they just lie there, waiting for you to shape their moment (no, that was not a physics joke). So here are a few pictures that piqued my interest as I shot them.

Floodlights in the BITS-Auditorium. Standing in a row, quietly.

My watch with the streetlights reflected on it.

My very creative friend Liza in her room. You can see the origami and the
decorative tree she made out of a dead branch, by painting tiny acorns and
sticking them onto it. Happy 20th Lizzie. May you forever score full marks in

Self-explanatory. Taken with the cam's auto-mode in a dark
Please feel free to comment on them (concrit is welcome). Now I want to say many more things, but I shall keep that for another hour, another day. I'll leave you with a list of songs that you must definitely listen to. This is artist, song and what makes it special.
1. INXS- Suicide Blonde- Michael Hutchence's husky voice, and an old west feel.
2. R.E.M- Everybody Hurts- Slow, and soulful.
3. Dario Marianelli-The Atonement Album- Lovely, lovely classical music.
4. The Who- Baba O'Riley- Simply great music
5. Elton John- Tiny Dancer- A romantic ballad about a ballerina
6. Brad Paisely and Alison Krauss- Whiskey Lullaby-A short, simple song about pain
7.Incubus- Megalomaniac- Why Hitler can never be fuckin' Elvis
8. Judas Priest- Electric Eye- A superhero song!
9. John Mayer-Slow Dancing in a Burning room- Lovely words
10.Pink Floyd- Coming Back to Life- Pink Floyd
11.Iron Maiden- Dance of Death- A nice, powerful song
12.Eric Clapton- While my Guitar gently weeps- Eric Clapton at his best
13.Porcupine Tree- Arriving Somewhere- A long, rich song
14. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood- Summer Wine- A very addictive song
15. Richa Sharma -Choro more Baiyyan (from Zubeida)- Go back to the world of the 19th century courtesan
Adios for now! Listen to these songs and tell me what you think!


Subhra said...

Few good photographs . For the auditorium photo , the foucus should be on the ray of the light , not the back . For watch photo - it's common. For Liza's photo - half face should have been seen and tooth paste and belt should have been taken out . Caption of that photo should - Nurturing the nature . Regarding last photo -impartially speaking the best photo . caption should be Haunted or Bhutni . Overall rating of the photography 35 out of 100.


shalinilahiri said...

Kutte Kameene. :((((

Bhunu saaaaaaaaaad.

divesh said...

I think, the second pic was really good. didn't like the first one though.

check out some of the pictures I have clicked.

by the way, I love whiskey lullaby

RaSh said...

... guy who advertises his blog a lot...
I take offense :X

By the way, nice song list :)
And yea, i liked the watch one.. the unfocussed image gives it a totally different meaning :)

Keep clicking pics :D

shalinilahiri said...


Thank you! I saw your pics long ago, they're brilliant. :)

Whisky Lullaby is such an addictive song, I can never stop listening to it.

@ Rashie

Sorry. *sheepish expression* Abhi edit kar doongi.

Thanks for the inspiration again. :D And yes, those songs are lovely!

P.s. My Dad (Subhra) gave you a 70 on 100 for your photography skills. I got only 35. :P


Eh, every pic with a person and a tree, you call it nurturing the nature, dumbass.

And Bhunu doesn't look like a Bhutni. Any bad looks are inherited from you and the momster. :P

RaSh said...

LOL I was kidding :P :P

Oh & thank your dad from my side! :) I have a couple of pics waiting to be posted. Hopefully they'll be getting a good rating too :)


Sushobhan Sen said...

Wow... the watch pic was good. What's TP?

shalinilahiri said...


They will, don't worry. :) He's like K.e. raman when it comes to grading.


Thank you! :) I feel happy now.

TP is Transport Phenomena 1, a subject required for Mechanical Engineering students. It deals with fluid dynamics.

tomoe said...

Hey girlie, hope you're doing well. I started using my blogspot and thought I'd come over and say hai. <33

Veyron said...

pretty kewl! ep the watch pic... unreal :)
kipiddup! and for rash n all his phoren blog advertising, m here to give competition! :P just integrated all my blogs ito one, so hope for a positiv feedback.

keep blurping, shalini! cudnt catch up while i was in hyd :( sry!

(o ya n those still scratching abt my whereabouts - i ve bin back in campus for nearly 10 days now, and it's drivin me nuts. w8in 4 the rest 2 cm back! n gettin slugged to do volunteer work :( newez, brite point mite b admission fr juniors least volunteers get to hang abt and impress the new chix :P - chk it, hoping 4 a decent feedback, or will personally hav to come n rub my nose into ur bellies for one :P)