Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First One

After a lot of "Why should I?", "Blogging is just a fad", "Screw it, I'm sleeping" and "I already have one", I decided to start writing a new blog. I've had the account for months, but due to my inherent procrastination, I kept postponing the inevitable. Oh fine, I succumbed! :-)

And why now? Well, I've noticed most people get antsy before their exams and waste their time. I could just say I got inspired, but this is the truth.

This is no means my first blog post. My first blog post read something like this "Hi! I'm from Hyderabad in India, it's September and it's raining. The weather is great." Talk about talking about the weather. Hopefully this one will sound more intelligent than that.

I'm currently holed up in my very messy room. Usually, I pride myself on being very organized, but I've not swept the room in a week or so, and the grit under my feet rankles. My brown pearlpet bottle sits beside me, nearly empty. And it glows in a strange manner, owing to the tubelight. Now I wish I could go into great detail about the exact phenomena or reflection, refraction and transmission, but I seem to have left that knowledge back in Physics-II, last semester.

What else lies in my room? The yellow Maths books and the black electrical sciences book jostle for space precariously above the newspapers kept atop my suitcase. I just hope they don't fall on the speakers kept next to the suitcase, which may in turn upset the box of Tang with the flimsy lid. Oh, and there are the remnants of a dozen bananas beside that. They must have been there for a few days at least. And wait, maybe that's my Mechanics of Solids notebook they're lying on. Didn't I just call my room messy? I believe I did. :D

Now for the name of the blog. I wanted orange-memories, but some other c*** had already taken the name. Now I have just orange-memory. I planned to name it after myself, but that was too self-indulgent and pompous, and I didn't want my parents to find out (my dear mother has a habit of attempting to nose around my Facebook and Orkut accounts). Ah, parents what life would be without them! But then there would be no one to wash my clothes after the dreary weeks of painful exams. ;-)

Well, it's nearly 12, and a cake awaits! Haha, it's actually a friend's birthday, and I shall be going to wish her. I shall be back soon, with more inane stories about my room, my life and Manu (the current dog in my life-don't ask why), and yes, maybe a little bit about the world too.

Ciao, and enjoy your day...oops, er night!